Limited OB Ultrasound

Obstetrical ultrasound is valuable for high-quality first trimester care. It is a wonderful tool to help answer some questions you may have about your pregnancy, provide reassurance, and allow you to begin bonding with your baby.

Our experienced medical professionals are certified in limited obstetrical ultrasonography and follow guidelines set collaboratively by the AIUM (American Institute in Ultrasound Medicine), the ACR (American College of Radiology), and the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

At WISH Medical, an ultrasound is performed for the following reasons:

  1. to establish the presence of the baby’s heartbeat
  2. to estimate gestational age and date your pregnancy
  3. to determine if the baby is in the right location, in your uterus
  • We do not explore abnormalities
  • We do not determine the gender of the baby

The Procedure:

After filling out your paperwork, you will meet with a trained client advocate. Your advocate will address questions you may have and discuss other services available at our clinic.

The sonographer will explain the procedure. Depending on how many weeks along you are, first trimester scanning may be performed with either an abdominal (external) approach or vaginal (internal) approach. A vaginal scan, which can get closer to the baby for a clearer image, is only performed if the abdominal scan is not definitive. An advantage of the vaginal scan is that you don’t need a full bladder, so it may actually be the more comfortable choice.


Diagnostic obstetrical ultrasound is generally considered safe for you and your developing baby. The images are produced by sound waves and echoes. There is no radiation exposure.

There is a possibility that the baby’s heartbeat may be undetectable or missed for a number of reasons:

  • the baby is growing outside of your uterus
  • the pregnancy may not be as far along as you thought based on your last period
  • a miscarriage may have occurred
  • the pregnancy may not be viable

The ultrasound findings are preliminary until our medical director has reviewed the ultrasound reports and images and then makes your official pregnancy diagnosis. At your request, we share the ultrasound report with your pre-natal provider of choice.

During your visit, we will take images for the report, and send you home with a picture, if appropriate.

Our ultrasound services are completely free of charge to you.